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  • What about an Ice Cream in Rome (Gelato)?

    Posted on May 5th, 2008 admin 2 comments

    ice cream in rome Hi ice cream lovers. Are you traveling to Rome and you think gelato is amongst top reason to make the trip? :-)

    Find a great list of our favorites where you’ll find the best gelato in Roma.


    Gelateria “Fassi”: via Principe Eugenio, 65/67
    Near Termini station, amongst the biggest and most famous gelaterias of Rome.

    Gelateria “San Crispino”: Via della Panetteria 42.
    Near the Trevi Fountain, (there is also a location on Via Acaia, 56 outside the walls). Closed Tuesday. Some think this is the finest gelateria in Rome. Yes, it is wonderful, with intense flavors. No cones, only cups. Try the special favor zabaione (kind of like eggnog) made by 50-year barrel-aged Marsala … unmissable…. You may also want to try other San Crispino flavors such as fruits, nuts, or the licorice! The ultimate!

    Gelateria “Da Giolitti”: Via Uffici dei Vicario 40. Near the Pantheon.
    Excellent gelato but too many flavors to choose from cones and cups to go, or sit in a real ice cream parlor room in back for mountainous sundaes. Be ready to queue… as the place is always crowded, especially at night. Nice ice-cream parlor you can sit at and savor your gelato but be prepared to pay double. Wonderful the rich and creamy marron glacé (chestnut) flavor.

    Gelateria “Pellacchia”: - Via Cola di Rienzo, 111

    Italian Ice Cream flavours

    ACE- Orange carrot and lemon
    After Eight- Mint Creme
    Albicocca- Apricot
    Amarena- Cherry
    Anguria- Watermelon
    Arancia- Orange
    Bacio-Chocolate hazelnut
    Caffe- Coffee
    Cassata- Cream with dried fruit and dark chocolate chunks
    Cioccolato Bianco- White Chocolate
    Cioccomenta- Chocolate Mint
    Cocco- Coconut
    Cubana- Chocolate Cream with Coffee
    Eolie- Cherry and nuts
    Fichi- Fig
    Fiore di Fragola- strawberry vanilla
    Fior di Latte- Cream
    Fior di Panna- Cream
    Formaggio- Cheesecake
    Fragola- Strawberry
    Frutti di Bosco- Mixed Fruit
    Gianduia- Chocolate and hazelnut
    Limone- Lemon
    Liquirizia- Liquorice
    Malaga- Rum Raisin
    Malt whisky- Whisky
    Marron Glace- Chestnut
    Mascarpone-Cream cheese
    Mela Verde- Green apple
    Meringa- Meringue (with little crunchy meringue chips)
    Mirtillo- Blueberry
    Mora- Blackberry
    Nutella- Nutella
    Nocciola- Hazelnut
    Noce- Walnut
    Pera- Pear
    Pesca- Peach
    Pinoli- Pine nut
    Pistacchio- Pistachio
    Pompelmo Rosa- Pink grapefruit
    Riso- Rice
    Stracciatella- Choc chip
    Torroncino- Nougat
    Vaniglia- Vanilla
    Visciola- Visciola
    Zabaione- Eggs and marsala
    Zuppa Inglese- Trifle cherrie and chocolate

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    2 responses to “What about an Ice Cream in Rome (Gelato)?”

    1. Great, it’s 10 a.m. and now I’m craving ice cream. :)

      While there are a handful of great Italian gelato places in Toronto but Rome is clearly the mecca.


    2. Let’s not forget the delicious Gelateria dei Gracchi on Via dei Gracchi 27. This place ties with San Crispino for Best Gelato EVER.